NEWS: Terrorist Food Trucks, Park Slope vs. FroYo, and More

[Image from DNAinfo]

So…the FDNY is investigating the use of food trucks as a surveillance vehicle for terrorists.  (Eater)

You know life must be hard in Park Slope when too much frozen yogurt is causes residents to be “enraged”.  (Brokelyn)

Denny’s is about to launch a Middle-Earth themed menu complete with items titled “Bilbo’s Berry Smoothie” and “Hobbit Harvest Pies.” (AdAge)

There’s no such thing as bad news: Chick-fil-A’s business increased the entire time the chain was on fire for its anti-gay remarks.  (USA Today)

Karlie’s Kookies (Kloss, that is) are available for purchase on Momofuku Milk Bar’s online store! (Momofuku Milk Bar)