On October 20th in the gym of Tayama Elementary school, rock duo Suelu, had their first CD release concert. Those lucky enough to hear about this event in rural Kyoto found out that one doesn’t have to travel to the city for good music. Suelu is composed of vocalist Robin Sato and Hide Naga on guitar. The band has produced an interesting mix of both Japanese and English songs utilizing a number of things ranging from sythesizers to violins to the accompaniment of children’s voices. Residents of a village famous for tea, Suelu has honed their craft and provided the local area with a sound very different from that of Japanese mainstream music.

Hide Naga and Robin Sato

Robin Sato, a graduate of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, began his music career in Berlin as part of an electro-pop duo called SANAGI. The band released two albums in 2005 (Mish Mash) and 2007 (The Seven Seas) under Traumton Records. After the group disbanded he assisted Japanese band Apotheke with their album release through Sputnik Lab. The band’s single, “Kawai Izumu” rose to number one on the Indies Chart. Following his return to Japan, Robin was involved in various projects and collaborations including Perfume’s Yoyogi Disco Mix, fashion brand Macaronic collection in Tokyo, dance group ELEVEN PLAY, and in the film Killer Motel. Along with current band member Hide Naga, they perform monthly at Minami Yamashiro Village’s Cafe Nekopan.

While the band currently does not have their album 00 released internationally or on itunes, you can enjoy some of their music via their website and youtube channel. Check out one of their songs below!