GET TO KNOW….: Vickey “Gravity 508” Ford, Sneakshot Photography & EIC of The Couch Sessions

I wouldn’t still be with The Couch Sessions if it wasn’t for her. Period. Vickey “Gravity 508” Ford is one of those people who I can honestly say rides for people she cares about. Between those phone calls that said “Keya, are you going to post that event?” or just the general check ups, Vickey is more than what you see behind that gold hair and big glasses. I like to tell her she’s crazy on most days. The first time I met her, it was at the press mixer for CMJ in October 2010. A friend of mine, J Crillz from Hip Hop Is Cool Again, told her about my Jamaican accent during a  story I was sharing with him about car issues I was having (It usually only comes out when I’m mad or telling a story…you’d prefer the latter…trust). Needless to say, when I introduced myself to her, the first thing she said was “ gotta say your name in the accent. I heard about your story telling and your accent. Do it in the accent!”. After repeating the story to her (in the accent, of course!) and our creep activity for the fruit tarts from the waiters, we’ve decided that media associates wasn’t enough for the hilarity that consisted between us. She basically told me I was stuck with her.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with Vickey, you know she’s about three things in this life: her music, her favorite deejays, and her photography. As a passionate person, she finds way to merge all three  and showcase them with a little bit of her own style.  Whether she’s discussing her adoration for Miguel or her love for Rich Medina’s deejay skills, Vickey makes it clear where her loyalty lies when it comes to who or what she supports. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Vickey’s love for her city has allowed her to expand her skills and her culture into many different avenues. She has a eye for catching people in the act of doing something amazing and putting it a photo. Her work is literally all over the internet and is even occasionally  bought by the artist themselves.  How she views the craft of her favorite artist is shown in her photography and how she presents them. Its pretty dope if you ask me.

I got a chance to kick it with my favorite blondie over the summer at Amelia’s by the Holland Tunnel. After a couple of beers, some chicken fingers, and interesting people stopping us to talk about our different hairstyles, we finally got to get into a little bit of what exactly Vickey does. Check it out.


Vickey is a woman that wears many hats. How she juggles all of it, I’m not sure. She’s kind of dope at what she does. You can check her out doing some behind the scenes work right here on The Couch Sessions site or even doing some of her own work for Centric Online and her personal site Sneakshot. If you look closely enough, you can probably find her on the front row of whatever dope music show you can think of between the DMV and NYC. She’s definitely one you should get to know.

Special thanks to Corey “Photoleer” Thompson of Photoleer Photography for the dope photos and Broady Brown of Nocturnal Charm Media for the amazing video edit (as usual!). Make sure you check them both out as well.