GET TO KNOW…: RH Bless, Block Exchange

I’ve never met a person like RH Bless before. His daily mantra “Hustle & Pray” is something that not only does he carry with him to get through the day, but he actually LIVES and shows it through his actions. No..I’m not talking about on a super religious front that would probably raise eyebrows. I’m talking the kind that you can just look at him and see that there is something…different. His spirituality is deep rooted and he shows his love for God, family, and music through his creativity.

The first time I met RH, it was at 92Y in Tribeca. Peter Rosenberg from Hot97 was hosting a panel discussion to somewhat celebrate the re-connection of super producer, 9th Wonder, and ill lyricist and good friend of mine, Phonte.  I was sitting on the side behind the bar and next thing you know, this ridiculously tall man with locs comes and stands in front of me. Clearly, I’m little compared to him. So I tapped him on the shoulder and said “So…you just gon’ stand in front of us little people with your big camera?”  RH was doing the videography for the event. We’ve been cool ever since. His persona is very welcoming and he has one of the most awesome smiles I’ve seen. Not to mention, he’s EXTREMELY talented. The brother directs and produces films and music videos, has a company called Block Exchange, and is an emcee in his own right. On top of all that, he’s a dad to growing young man, showing him the meaning of manhood and being a good person. With his hands in so many different pots, how he finds the time to even function, I’m not even sure. But he’s good at it…clearly.

 So when we finally got our schedules together, RH and I decided to go hang out in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. We hit up a spot called Sea for some dope Thai food, great atmosphere, and a pretty awesome conversation about all that is going on in RH world. Check it out.


 This guy works hard. I admire his drive and his ability to just get things done. His music is taking off, his videography is dope, and people are really beginning to see that RH has some pretty amazing things coming on the horizon. He’s blessed and he knows it. I think that is kind of amazing. Make sure you check him out on twitter, his videos, all of that. Look out for Block Exchange because they have some pretty dope things coming out. RH Bless has it going on. He’s definitely one you should get to know.


Block Exchange Entertainment Presents: “Black October”

Special thanks to Broady Brown of Nocturnal Charm Media for always making your girl’s videos look of quality. Appreciate ya!