FOOD: Volle Nolle Is The New Kid In Boston’s North End

When you come to the North End of Boston, you expect an atmosphere that resembles the sights and sounds of old-world Italy. While visiting Hanover Street and Salem Street – both major pathways cutting through the community – you certainly will enjoy a wide variety of establishments, from high-end restaurants to new-age pastry shops to lifelong favorites of those residents who have spent countless years in the neighborhood.

The area is a few minutes walk from the Boston Harbor, which plays an important part in the community, as much of the local cuisine features some of the best tasting seafood around. However, it’s important not to overlook the smaller stops along Hanover Street, as some of the newer late-night hubs bring their own skill sets to the dinner table. Volle Nolle, for example, recently threw its hat into the ring.

The small eatery is located on Hanover street, and if you don’t keep your eye out for it at night, you might even miss it altogether. This oversight isn’t because Volle Nolle doesn’t offer a selection of exceptional wines, nor is it because the owners don’t offer some stunning dishes, but due to the small, cozy space it takes up.

Wine List

During the day, Volle Nolle is a hot spot for locals, offering mouth-watering sandwiches and a variety of fresh-baked goods. But at night, the wine comes out, the charcuterie plates are served, and the once busy sandwich shop becomes the North End’s newest late night draw.

If I learned anything from my first visit to Volle Nolle, it was how much I actually enjoy portobello mushroom. I’m often a fair-weather friend when it comes to mushrooms, so in order to sit down and write about a dish that features the vegetable, you know I must have been blown away.

Volle Nolle’s portobello panini, which features the mushroom baked and breaded with basil mayo, roasted red peppers and fresh basil leaves, is the perfect way to end any night. My biggest issue with eating a sandwich for dinner is it fills me up too much to get to bet later on. This panini, however, is light enough to enjoy even when dinner winds up being beyond 9 or 10 p.m.


Of course, it’s impossible to visit the North End without enjoying a charcuterie dish, especially with so many restaurants rediscovering their love and passion for salted meats. Volle Nolle’s rendition of the popular before-or-after menu option features prosciutto, sopressata and mortadella, all of which offer their own flavors and texture – unique tastes that are hard to live without.

To capture all of the great things about Volle Nolle, I would have to take you there myself and introduce you to the friendly staff and a few of my favorite bottles of wine, so you might need to check the restaurant out for yourself next time you’re in town. I’m sure you can make time out of your day to visit one of the emerging names in the North End restaurant community.

Volle Nolle
351 Hanover Street
Boston, MA