STYLE: Surface To Air Spring/Summer 2013 Preview



Just in time for the winter, Surface To Air drops their Spring/Summer 2013 preview. Which gives you more than enough time to save, salivate, and anticipate for this collection.











What we like about Surface To Air is their ability to combine the likes between simple yet formal, which gives way for folks to wear their styles in multiple settings. They continue along those lines in this collection and adding a few graphic tees with statements like “Go Home” and “All Palaces Are Temporary Palaces”.














A standout piece to look forward to from this Spring/Summer collection is the multicolored and multi-fabric pants for the ladies. As you can see from the above pictures, these pants add a certain pop to whatever you wear with them.  The shapes in the jean pants compliment that of the jean jacket so well you would think they were sold together. While the golden brown of the leather pants is all you need (among an otherwise simple outfit) to draw eyes in the next look.


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