There are so many unused platforms and canvases around us. LIFTNewYork is an incredibly innovative design company that turns these overlooked and unexplored spaces into dynamic art.   LIFTNewYork brings in artists to create on what for most is an unusually long canvas, one that is viewed from a moving portal – elevators.  These kinetic canvases turn transitional zones into communication platforms and the possibilities become endless when we add technologies like plasma screens and even living vertical gardens into the mix.  More than this, the company is engaging us in a larger dialog about our sense of space, motion and the meaning we give to these.

The Couch Sessions sat down for coffee with industrial designer and head of LIFTNewYork Scott Vandervoort, who also teaches space analysis and 3-D abstraction at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.  Vandervoort interestingly notes that in the 30’s and 40’s it was all about form and space, and using the line to craft within it.  He points out that now with technology “beauty shifts”, it is not just what you make with your hands.  It is a challenge to find artists who understand this kind of 4-D painting method and the unique perspective of the viewer.  Traveling across a piece of artwork in an elevator is not unlike viewing animation frames passing by.  This kind of magic is what Vandervoort muses as the “playful quality we aim to gift back to the world”.

LIFTNewYork took the Couch Sessions for an elevator ride in 30 Bond St, which houses eight floors of street art beauty by David Ellis and Doze Green.  Watch a video of the entire piece and check out the stills below!   See if you can spot the secrets in the art indicating which floor you are on.