ART: Miami Arts District – Wynwood: Vol 2

One of our favorite spots was of course the infamous Wynwood Walls, a collection of warehouse walls and roll-up storefront gates.  The potential of the previously neglected space was recognized and transformed by Deitch Projects and entrepreneur Tony Goldman, who spoke of spaces with “architectural aura”.  A brave legacy left behind, having built up the empires of both SoHo in New York and South Beach in Miami, Goldman passed away last month from heart failure.  Rest in Peace Tony.

 Kenny Schraff

Shepard Fairey

 Ryan McGinness

My favorite by How & Nosm

This innovative art gallery even has its own restaurant – Wynwood Kitchen.  Walking inside feels like stepping into the future, one in which subversive street art replaces the normally complacent paintings you’d expect to see in Olive Garden.  The selections are classy and internationally balanced, which added to the strange futuristic feeling, fitly juxtaposed with the enigmatic works of Shepard Fairey.

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey


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