NEWS: The Impending Global Bacon Shortage of Doom and More

[Photo from The Hungry and Foolish]

The global bacon shortage is “unavoidable” and therefore the world is ending.  Also, who do I send my résumé to in order to become “Pig Executive”? (CBS News)

Eat food in Brooklyn and help raise money to grow more food that you can eat.  Not too shabby.  (Brokelyn)

So if Barclay’s Center wasn’t enough of an addition, Shake Shack is rumored to be coming to the area, too.  (Eater)

OMG there’s a Nutella Truck and it’s coming to NYC. (Gothamist)

The Economist recently conducted a study on how long it takes for people in various countries to work in order for them to afford a beer…with Americans, of course, needing to work the shortest amount of time.  (The Economist)