NEWS: NYC Cider Week, Shacktoberfest, Manhattan Smorgasburg, and More


[Photo from Gothamist]

Something exists that is called Shacktoberfest and it sounds amazing.  (Gothamist)

It’s Cider Week in NYC!  Join the cider revival and head to one of many bars and restaurants celebrating this week.  (Cider Week)

Smorgasburg comes to Manhattan in the form of pop-up shops located at Whole Foods Bowery. (Grub Street NY)

Absolut reveals Tune, a combination of sparkling white wine and vodka.  Thoughts? (Absolut)

Eek!  The first lawsuits against the big soda ban start to roll in.  (Wall Street Journal)

Hungry and broke?  Head to Park Slope’s Seventh Avenue and Garfield – rumor has it there’s free Pinkberry and pizza. (Park Slope Stoop)