NEW MUSIC: Ibn Inglor – “Gold” (Produced by E.N.O.N. Jacobs)

With ubiquitous artists such as Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco at the helm, and the emergence of newcomers such as Chief Keef and Rockie Fresh, it’s safe to say that Chicago has had the biggest year of 2012. Alas, with national mainstream media pinpointing the skyrocketing murder rate in the Windy City and equating it to “drill music” – the genre of hip-hop that purists believe Keef represents – some are wondering if Chicago is being heralded more for its controversy than its musical output.

However, amidst all the chaos, the music generated from the Windy City remains as prevalent and potent as ever. Enter Ibn Inglor, an 18-year old MC and product of the same Chicago streets. Equipped with a growl of a voice, his penchant for authentic, honest lyrics over a multitude of flows has built him a solid local following. ‘Gold’ is a brief, yet compelling introduction to Inglor as he flawlessly illustrates his current city’s plight in a few couplets:

“How you stay sane when you killin’? In the rain, in the hood?
When the sun’s never shinin’, if it is, it’s never good
My momma sit and cry, ‘cause my nieces never safe
Long gone from the hood, get my pieces out the way”

It’s dark and moody, but it’s refreshing and is the perfect backdrop to Inglor’s demanding tone. ‘Gold’ is just one of the tracks off of his upcoming project GawdsSpeed, which is set to release November 30th. Keep a lookout for this young talent.