LIVE: Miguel at Public Assembly, CMJ

Photos from Miguel’s CMJ show at FADER Fort by Victoria Ford/Sneakshot

Miguel does not have to do this.

His latest album, Kaleidoscope Dream debuted at number 3 on Billboard. He’s selling out a national tour. His video for “Adorn” has over 10 million YouTube views.

Yet he still manages to perform at such venues at CMJ and SXSW.

We’re not complaining. Miguel absolutely destroyed our Circus SXSW showcase this year, and honestly it is reassuring to see that the LA R&B star remains humble. His sort of surprise appearance at Brooklyn’s Public Assembly during CMJ (after another surprise set during the FADER Fort) has almost become the norm for the dude, and the beautiful thing about it is seeing Miguel go in 110% on such a small stage.

Unlike some of Miguels other shows, however, the hipsters initially gave him a brutal welcome. Appearing over an hour late, and containing more swag is legally allowed in the area of Williamsburg, the singer with greeted with some tepidness and intimidation. Add to that the fact that hipsters have no idea how to participate in call and response and you have a somewhat icy environment.

But Miguel progressed and by the end of the show had everyone, hipsters included, wrapped around his finger. Maybe this is why he does these shows? Not only for the challenge, but the struggle keeps him humble. And you have to respect that.