LIVE: David Blaine Electrified Press Conference, Pier 54, NYC

Let’s not front. People might make fun of him, but David Blaine is that dude when it comes to death defying stunts.  If you don’t know he’s a do this stood on top of the pylon in the middle of Bryant Park, or  the dude that was drowned alive in the middle of Lincoln Center, or that dude who was suspended on top of the top of the Tower of London. The 39-year-old magician is no stranger to doing horrifying things, and his latest stunt is no different. Blaine will supposedly electrocute  himself three days and three nights as part of a weird experience to promote Intel’s Ultrabook line.


On Tuesday, October 2nd, The Couch Sessions was invited, along with a slew of other journalists, to witness the press conference for the event as well as a demonstration of what will take place this weekend. Starting Friday night, Blaine will be surrounded by multiple tesla orbs blasting thousands of watts of electricity into his body. On top of that, he will be standing for 72 hours on his feet, with no sleep. The general public as well as those online can interact with Blaine through secret passwords (some passwords will increase the electricity, for instance) and by submitting questions online.

As with all of Blaine’s attempts, there is an element of danger, and 1 million volts ain’t nothing to play around with. Although Blaine will be protected by a steel mesh suit (think Knight of the Roundtable) as well as protective helment and eyewear, the sheer amount of electricity in the room was no joke during the demonstration. In fact, a piece of the stage caught fire during testing.

Even in the short demonstration, Blaine looked like some sort of comic book villain about to destroy humanity.

Blaine’s experiment takes place this Friday, October 5th and goes through the weekend at New York’s Pier 54 in Chelsea. The event will also stream online at