INTERVIEW: How Ideas Become Brands – Stone of The Couch Sessions

A few months ago, Craig Hackey and the creative team from Brooklyn’s Apt No 7 interviewed me for a new series called How Ideas Become Brands. We talked about my idea for Couch Sessions and the evolution of the brand from a political blog, to a music blog, to a brand consulting firm.


How Ideas Become Brands is the fist in a series chronicling creative entrepreneurs from music, tech, and fashion. The series launched today and there are many more videos to come:

Apt No.7 has consistently help spread the word about interesting advances in the world of marketing, design, and production. Utilizing a creative approach that sets themselves apart from the rest of the pack, founders Craig Hackey and Mel P. are eager to debut their new webseries, “How Ideas Become Brands” to the masses.

The creative solutions company that specializes in taking brands and #creativists to the next level will present their latest effort to the World Wide Web tomorrow (10/9). Collaborating with “the tastemakers’ tastemaker,” The Couch Sessions, “How Ideas Become Brands” aims to take a look at the process of turning a bright idea into an award-winning brand.