GET TO KNOW…: Iman Omari

  A few months ago, a friend who I would frequently swap new finds with shared some music of this random guy from Los Angeles. I didn’t listen to it. Didn’t want to. Why? Because I’m stubborn. He hit me up a few weeks later and asked if I listened to it and I told him no. When I finally got a chance to add it to my iTunes, I fell in love. Kind of like how you see someone that gives you the eye the whole night but you are afraid to talk to him and then when he does its like fireworks everywhere. That is how I felt, except I didn’t know him, never met him, and was kind of upset at myself that I didn’t take the opportunity to listen earlier out of my own stubborness. Fast forward to the summer when one of my favorite boy bands from New Jersey were having a show and I knew I couldn’t stay, but I wanted to just stop through and show my support. Everyone is standing outside leaning against the car, chatting it up before the show starts, and having a good time. My friend says to me, “Do you want to meet Iman Omari?” Just as I was about to say I didn’t have the time, here comes this six foot brother with locs and bright smile coming to chill with the crew. Needless to say, Iman and I became friends that day.    Iman has an aura about him that surpasses beyond being just an artist. This dude is just ill…period. After the release of his own project, Energy, which was not only SICK (notice the emphasis of the description. Like, I want you to feel that in your soul), but very well crafted and self produced, Iman makes a clear impression for the new listener that he is not just another LA artist. His vibe is indescribable. His voice gives you that feeling you would have listening to late 70’s and early 80’s classics with a modern twist. The fact that he is able to make himself one with the earth and put out new energy (*ahem*), speaks to how he creates and releases amazing music. If you weren’t like me and actually paid attention, you may have heard his voice on Mac Miller’s “Fight The Feeling” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Chapter Ten”, heard his production on Overdoz’s Live For, Die For project or know him from The Log.Os with one of my favorites, Nikko Grey.  However you may or may not have been introduced to Iman, the one thing that is guaranteed is that when you hear him you’ll never forget him.

Iman and I got a chance to sit and chat it up at Allegra Seafood Grill in the Ironbound section of Newark, New Jersey. Since he’s based out of NYC now, I figured we might as well get up. And what better way to get to know him than over food and some banging drinks. Check it out.


Iman Omari is considerably one of the best kept secrets of the indie music scene. Luckily, you don’t have to go very far or look very hard for him. He’s pretty much everywhere. Just open up your ears and dig that energy he is serving. If you ever want to see him in person and you happen to be in Newark, visit Vibrations Cafe. Now you can see why he’s about to be one of my favorites. I told you he was dope. Next time my friend puts me on to new music, I’ll listen. He knows what he’s talking about…sometimes.


You can check out Iman’s music on Soundcloud and on Bandcamp. Make sure you follow him on twitter. Also, shout out to Emperess from E. Michelle Photos for the dope shots. Special thanks to Broady from Nocturnal Charm Media for editing the video. Make sure you check those guys out as well.