GET TO KNOW…: Elle Winston

I remember when I was first introduced to her music. A guy named Joseph Parker, on twitter, made a comment about something I said about music. I’m sure it was something along the lines of how much I love hearing new music and I feel like there are so many unknown gems, you just have to know where to look.  After an in depth discussion about music that took up more than 140 characters, he finally said “Are you down to hear something different?” I’m like “Isn’t that what we’ve been talking about all day? LOL.” Next thing you know, my inbox is filled with links and videos of this young lady. There is something about her voice that really sets her apart from everyone else. I’m not quite sure if it is because she’s from Arizona, or if her life experiences have just made her into a classical woman. All I know is, for me, Elle Winston contains a certain charm that you aren’t able to find in everyone. Not to mention is SWEET AS PIE!!


Elle Winston is not just a performer, she’s a performer’s performer (make sense?). She has a captivating way of engaging people into a conversation without being overbearing or arrogant. Her timeless voice shares her victorious experiences with quiet humility. She’s an artist who you’d have to look for if you’d  want to expand your ear pallat to something graceful. With an amazing history in music and opportunities such as opening up for late Gil Scott-Heron, Winston puts her heart and soul into whatever she touches.

I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful young lady over thai food at The Noodle Shop in the West Village. Between the food, good conversation, and great laughs, we walked through a couple of local parks to sit and chat about her background and what it means to be a genuine writer in the industry. Check out her interview below:



Dope right? I figured you guys would like her. I like when I’m put on to new folks who manage to just be amazing at everything they do. You can check out Elle Winston on her website, twitter, and even on bandcamp to download her music. Make sure you sign up for her mailing list because she’s performing at shows all over the city. I’m looking forward to her new project which will drop before the end of the year and all of the amazing beautiful things she has in store. She is definitely one you should get to know.


Special shouts to Joann Gomez from Music Looks Like This for the dope photography and Broady Brown of Nocturnal Charm Media for the always editing my videos. Make sure you follow them both!