FASHION: Tom’s Highland Holden Fleece and Suede Stripe Botas


Fashion never dies! To be successful in the fashion world, one has to continue to adapt and reinvent themselves and do that with the changing trends and the changing weather. TOMS has been around since 2006, founded by Blake Mycoskie. With their One for One Movement which donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair of shoes sold, TOMS has touched a lot of hearts from day one.


After what seems to be their most successful year this past summer, many like myself would have thought TOMS to be the spring, summer or fall shoe because of the material used. But Nay! They have adapted and reinvented themselves to cater to the harsh winter.



The Highlands Black Holden Fleece Botas boasts a fleece interior, along the lines of Uggs, and a wool fleck exterior which has proven very effective against the cold weather conditions. It’s your choice if you want to cover up your ankles or fold the collar down and show off your fleece liner so people can pet it.




The Highlands Brown Suede Stripe Botas is the marriage of a vintage, urban luberjack and skater type shoe. With “a bold pairing of rich brown suede with a warm stripe liner” it can well play the role of your everyday winter shoe. You can even rock them without laces? That’s how we roll!



For other styles check the online spot out or an Urban Outfitter near you.