FASHION: Pinktober: Shopping for a Good Cause

October is a lot more than Beerfests, trees changing colors, and trying to decide who you’re dressing up as for Halloween. It also serves as a time to raise awareness about breast cancer, a disease that affects everyone directly and indirectly. We think the need to raise awareness and fight this specific cancer stems from the fact that, we love and care for our moms! Even though the disease can also develop in males.For the month, many corporations and associations try there best to advocate education through any means.

Learn More…Breast Cancer Foundation


In theNational Football League:  a huge on-field stencil of a pink ribbon is visible during games and apparel for players, referees and staff  are painted pink. Their campaign, A Crucial Catch, helps the cause with screenings for women over 40 and auctions where proceeds go to the American Cancer Society’s Community Health Advocates National Grants for Empowerment (CHANGE) program.







In the world of fashion, as with the NFL example, many companies feature clothing and accessories for the month. They aren’t necessarily pink apparel but support the cause through proceeds and donations (not that there’s anything wrong with pink).







Here are a few spots we like carrying Breast Cancer Awareness material

Stella & Dot

Anne Taylor’s Loft  : On top of the clothing and accessories, Loft has a Loft Cares Card where 90% of the profits go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Bloomingdale’s : While you’re on the site, browse through videos from survivors like singer/musician Sheryl Crow and others.


Nine West

New Balance

ROCK A PINK RIBBON!  In reality or on your social networks


Also in NYC the Empire State Building will be illuminated from October 14-16. On instagram, @couchsessionsart,  Show us your support and help educate the masses by sending pics of the Empire State and other buildings or landmarks trying raise awareness.