DOCUMENTARY: Jabari Presents: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Most everybody believes that the music industry is one of bling bling and making it rain the club. Before majority of the musicians the music late entails hard struggles, and little money. This is a story of Seattle rappers Macklemore Ryan Lewis, who just made history by topping the Billboard charts as independent artist. But is not all Fane, as we see this documentary. The group is the epitome of the DIY experience–filming their own videos (and driving their own UHaul trucks), recording and pressing their own music, and even creating and selling their own merch (out of a shipping container).


It’s all in interesting perspective that gives us some depth. Our homie Jabari, fresh off of a documentary of UK rapper Tinie Tempah and an ultra-successful Kickstarter campaign, flew to Seattle to catch up with the duo. I’ve been a fan of Jabari’s work for a while, but this might be the best documentary yet. Check it.