CMJ SPECIAL: Late Night Eats Near DROM

Just in case you didn’t already know, Couch Sessions is taking its Circus Showcase to CMJ this coming Tuesday, October 16th, to the East Village’s Drom.  From 9 pm – 1 am we’ll be giving you an amazing musical experience with some great acts such as The Kickdrums, Bianca Raquel, and Tiron & Ayomari – head over to our Facebook to find out more!

After all that great music you’re definitely going to be hungry, or you might want to wind down (or keep partying) with a couple more drinks – here’s a list of the best places to get some grub near Drom.

Pommes Frites – If you’ve ever frequented the East Village or Alphabet City at all, you probably know about this place.  9 times of out of 10, when it’s late night and you’re hungry, french fries will probably hit the spot.  At Pommes Frites, the fries are obviously the star, but what people really come here for are the sauces.

There are 26 dipping sauces to choose from, and this doesn’t even include ketchup, mustard, tabasco, or malt vinegar.  They even carry poutine, the Canadian version of disco fries (which happen to be my all time favorite food in the whole world).  The combination of fries, cheese, and gravy can do no wrong.  The guys that work here are also superstars and will seriously let you sample every single sauce.  My favorite is the extremely addicting sweet mango chutney mayo.

There is always a long line on weekend nights, but it’s worth it.  Extremely limited seating space, so plan on taking your cone of fries with you as you stumble home.  If you’re trying to catch the 4/5/6 train from Drom, it’s on your way!

Pommes Frites is located at 123 2nd Avenue, between East 7th Street and St. Mark’s Place.  Open Sunday-Thursday from 11:30 am-1 am, and Friday-Saturday from 11:30 am-3:30 am.

Mancora – I come to this place solely for the pisco sour, which has become one of my favorite cocktails.  Make your way straight for the little bar in the back of the restaurant, ask for this drink, and watch your bartender top your cocktail with frothy egg whites and a dollop of hot sauce.  Yum!

I have to admit that I’ve never had the food, mainly because I’ve only come here with vegetarians and the menu is pretty meat centered (Peruvian).  However, diners generally order sizzling platters of something and it always smells delicious!  It’s a pretty spacious restaurant for the East Village with great windows for people watching, and a pretty relaxing place to wind the night down with a late night drink and some ceviche.

Mancora is located at 99 1st Avenue, between 6th Street and 7th Street.  Open Monday-Thursday and Sunday from 12 pm-12 am, and Friday-Saturday from 12 pm-1 am.

Benny’s Burritos – It’s kind of embarrassing how much I go to Benny’s – I live pretty close to the West Village location and can honestly say I’ve been there every weekend this past September.  I definitely wouldn’t call these the best tacos in NYC, especially if you’re looking for something authentically Mexican, but they’re actually pretty good.  My go-to dish is their beef tacos with (really good) rice and beans, after which you usually have to roll me back home.  It’s only about $9 for that huge plate of two tacos (not hard or soft shell, it’s hard and soft shell) and a side and it’s more than filling.

The margaritas are what gets you, and I have never not ordered one here – it’s only $4 for a regular size and $7 for a large, and they are definitely generous with the tequila.  The atmosphere is always fun and loud and bustling and you’ll have a good time.  It’s also conveniently located on the same block as Drom, right at the corner.

Benny’s Burritos is located at 93 Avenue A, on the corner of 6th Street.  Open Sunday -Thursday from 11:00 am-12 am, and Friday-Saturday from 11:30 am-1:00am.

Of course, this is only a small selection of the places you can eat around DROM – you’re in Alphabet City and the East Village, after all, and the number of places you can grab a bite to eat are neverending.  St. Mark’s Place is only a couple blocks away and there will always be something open for a quick bite there.  If you don’t check out any of these places, I also recommend Caravan of Dreams (vegan/vegetarian), Il Bagatto (Jean Grae’s favorite!), The Belgian Room (obvious), or Yaffa Cafe (American) – which are all within easy walking distance of Drom.  Enjoy the show and enjoy your post-show meal!