CMJ PREVIEW: Bianca Raquel

Bianca Raquel is a singer, songwriter, producer, performer and musician. As the daughter of world-renowned musical director/arranger Ray Chew, it’s clear that the gift of music was passed down a generation. Growing up between two households with two different lifestyles and sets of rules between Upstate New York, NYC and New Jersey, Bianca found balance and consistency to be her biggest obstacles. The one constant variable in Bianca’s life has always been music.

Practically growing up in the Apollo Theater, she dissected every rehearsal and performance; learning exactly what works onstage. From a very young age, Bianca began writing songs instinctively. “One day my dad heard me singing and he was like ‘who’s song is that?’ When I told him I made it up in my head he was like ‘you should start writing them down.”

Her songs “No Hook” and “Moments” have captivated many listeners and you can see her live tonight at the Couch Sessions’ very own CMJ showcase, “The Circus” at Drom NYC. It’s free for badge holders and $10 for non badge holders. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online here.