ART: i still love her

Star-filled spaces are found in the paintings of Andre Trenier at his solo show opening, i still love her.  Couch Sessions attended the gallery reception, a chill NY crowd taking in the art with shots of pineapple 1800 Coconut Tequila.  Meka from 2DopeBoyz was on point, spinning MJ, 90s favorites and got a crunk dancehall party going in the eve.

Trenier has a very good sense of form and flow, exuding raw emotion in the eyes he captures just right.

He is unafraid to change the meaning within spaces, blending the surreal across his lines.



On my way there Ray’s text informed me I was missing “fried chicken wings, mac n cheese and collard greens”, the next text was the word “free”.  Thankfully there was a piece of Heaven still waiting for me: five different kinds of Mikey Likes It ice-cream, with names like “Chocolate Thunder” and “Ice Ice Baby”, served in perfect lil cups.  Hands down “Southern Hospitality” is the absolute flavor you are missing in your life.

While chillaxin on the fire escape, Couch Sessions got a chance to meet Andre himself, a humble down-to-earth artist, and born-n-bred in the Bronx gentleman.  We all enjoyed that night air and the kind of atmosphere you can only find when you share art with your friends.


The event was hosted by LRG, 1800 Tequila and our friends at Sweet Cheeba.