Comic Con 2012 was an off-the-hook madhouse with 115,000 attendees at the Jacob Javits Convention Center this year, but everyone who goes loves it because its like being in a comic book with all your favorite characters.  The best part is that the event encompasses the entire world of comics – the art, the fashion, TV, movies, technology and the gaming world.

Dressing up as your favorite character and seeing what others are wearing is the highlight for most – its a fashion show.  As far as  costumes this year Deadpool was the definite favorite, along with The Walking Dead zombies, Adventure Time creatures and an enormous contingent of Homestuck trolls (the kids with orange horns).  Indeed several Gangnam dancers were breaking it down, shades and all.  The most impressively creative were the mash-ups, most notably a Joker Iron Man and Zombie Mario.  Quite a few My Little Ponies and of course there were some random girls dressed as geishas.

Joker Ironman Mash-Up

The Comic Con Weapons Policy includes banning functional projectile weapons such as crossbows, longbows and silly string, concluding with “basically don’t be an idiot”.

The Artist Alley had some sick artists this year.  Art Whino did it up with live painting and showing the works of Angry Woebots, kaNO and Pixel Pancho.  It is interesting to note that there was a lot of community collaged art this year, where everyone was given a small piece to complete as part of the larger whole.  Both Lego and Paper Mario got people participating interactively this way.

Angry Woebots

In the enormous lower level hall there was an intense Game of Muggle Quidditch where people ran around with broom sticks between their legs.

At the end everyone stays in the lobby taking pictures with eachother and then when its finally all over and time to go, you are blessed with the feeling of stepping out into the city streets and knowing that Gotham is real.

Watch this cool clip of Rorschach’s mask changing and check out more of the art below!

 Old School comics



Issa Ibrahim

Drew Morrison’s  ENTRIPPY art

J*RYU‘s customized Hello Kitty Samurai with katana sword

Perler Bead chains

Custom painted character hats by Andy

Fan Art

Marvel’s Giveaways