ALBUM REVIEW: Flying Lotus’ – “Until the Quiet Comes”



On October 2nd, Flying Lotus released his fourth feature length album, Until the Quiet Comes.  A complex and challenging piece, this new material is a definite tactical reinvention by the famed Los Angeles based producer.

The 45 minute compilation will please the oldest of fans while intriguing newcomers to Flying Lotus’ one of a kind style. Featuring a inimitable combination of skillful acoustic and electronic sounds that provides a psychedelic texture to his music, you will not be disappointed.

Wobbly bass guitar, and futuristic syntesization are the mainstay behind his tracks. His futuristic sound is one that defies any real genre despite obvious jazz, hip-hop, soul and electronic influences.

Until the Quiet Comes is an intricately detailed and complete album as it connects all its pieces seamlessly and should be listened to in its entirety in order to be fully appreciated. The first half of the album lulls you with clipped melodic phrases and simple yet variable rhythmic gestures, snatches of voices cut off before any words are made intelligible. The second half of them album takes you to a place much, much darker. Lyrics arise but sound distant and veiled—a feature that lends itself well to the vocalists, Erykah Badu, Thom Yorke and the Laura Darlington. The album’s peculiar melodies and texture filled beats will keep you wanting more. This is truly music to relax to, take a step back from the real world, and soak in the good vibes.