VIDEO: Dark Time Sunshine – Valiant ft. Child Actor

It’s been an exciting summer for Dark Time Sunshine. The duo, comprised of rapper Onry Ozzborn and producer Zavala, released their sophomore album, ANX, in late July, and since, praise has poured in from the likes of MTV Hive, OkayPlayer, AOL Spinner, and more. The guys have been on tour with Aesop Rock all summer, with nine new Midwest shows added for what has become a 50-plus date national tour; and now, Dark Time Sunshine has partnered with VICE’s music channel to premiere the latest video from ANX, for the song “Valiant.”

The video, directed, shot, and edited by Max Heath, who makes up one-half of Child Actor, follow in step with the track’s regal and majestic overtones, shot on location at a Medieval mansion, with a stunning, galloping white horse and a falcon, flying full-speed before perching on Zavala’s hand, in what must be the only occurrence of a falcon perching on a hip-hop producer’s hand in a music video in 2012.

Checkout “Valiant” below and you can download ANX here.