MUSIC: Krissy Krissy “Above All”

Brooklyn has birthed a number of talented music artists. That’s not the surprise when you listen to Krissy Krissy. Hailing from Bushwick, she definitely wields a confidence and grit that is a trademark of Kings County residents. Where she differs is how she applies that soulful grit. The warmth and authenticity of her voice is displayed over driving pop soul. Her new EP ‘Above All’ is a great introduction to her potential. The crisp collection offers a primer on a young woman with a story to tell, and a unique voice to communicate it.


When you listen to her music, there’s definitely a familiarity that is evident from the first note. Drawing on a diverse set of influences, including The Mamas & The Papas and Kirk Franklin, Krissy Krissy infuses a soulfulness that is often absent in the world of pop. The first single ‘Dream’ was picked up by MTVu over the summer and is just a brief look into what she brings to the musical landscape. Meshing a California vibe with her Brooklyn voice, it’s the kind of catchy tune that stays with you.


Thankfully, ‘Above All’ is a continuation of the same. The set starts with ‘Broken Glass’, a beginning into Krissy Krissy’s insights on love. Even as she deals with the nuance of a broken heart, Krissy Krissy displays a carefree energy in her voice like Sheryl Crow. Over well layered synths, she makes a beautiful love letter in ‘Your Love’. Where she does pour out her soul is the title track ‘Above All’. Inspired by her recently deceased father, she encapsulates the ideal, encouraging love she was raised with and what drives her. The lush piano behind her vocals just adds to the emotion of the moment.


After listening to this record, it’s clear that there is a lot of room for Krissy Krissy to grow. It’s also evidence that she is well on her way to making it happen.