LIVE: What The Funk?!? Fela Kuti Vs. James Brown, Rich Medina & DJ Spinna, LPR

Photos courtesy of Andy Katz

I love a good dance party. Being able to rock out with my friends, work up a serious sweat from dancing and then to go home and shower that all off is the best feeling in the world. Add a little musical exploration between two legends, Fela Kuti and James Brown, spun by two of my favorite deejays in the world, Rich Medina and DJ Spinna, and you know this night was beyond amazing. At Le Poisson Rouge, all of this magic, and then some, happened.

LPR, some would say, is the proper venue to host such an amazing. The huge dance floor and excellent sound lends itself to allow the party goers to feel every single beat through their bodies. The energy of the audience, as well as the mastered back and forth exchange between Medina and Spinna, reminded partakers exactly why Fela Kuti and James Brown are legends in the music. Rocking all of the classics such as Fela’s “Zombie” and Brown’s “The Payback”, had attendees literally screaming and singing along while dancing to their heart out. The range of nationalities presented yet proved how “music makes the people come together”. In the midst of everyone losing their minds while breaking down their dance moves, it was only a matter of time before folks noticed that the hip-hop legend (yes, I said legend) Lauryn Hill was on stage enjoying the music and dancing as well. Kind enough to take photos and engage in conversations with some of her fans (self included), having Ms. Hill present at this event only made the night even more dope.

Music history should be preserved and cherished. It is events like “What The Funk?!” that allow that love of music and honoring of our legends memorable. Doesn’t hurt to sweat it out on the dance floor a little bit either.