LIVE: Diet Coke and SPIN Magazine Present: Chairlift & The Drums


Us New Yorkers often find ourselves explaining why New York is so great.  Besides the food, music, big buildings and such…it is clearly the city empowered and flooded with insomnia. Last night was no different as Spin Magazine and Diet Coke teamed up to highlight hump day for the republic of Brooklyn.  With Chairlift and The Drums on the bill, it is obvious that the plan was to fill Brooklynites with mood music and Diet Coca-Cola.
After the opening act, FaltyDL, warmed things, up the stage was set as people continued to pour in.  A large majority of the crowd seemed to be enjoying all that venue had to offer.  The bowling, barbecue, beverages, and music kept patrons occupied until Chairlift set foot on stage.
The funniest thing is that it was hard to even realize that they had begun their set. This was not only because  of the seamless transition between the DJ’s music and theirs , but also due to the fact that they simply went on stage and got right to it.  Usually, the greatest aspect of a live show is the connection the fans are able to make with the artist(s) during the performance.  In a large yet intimate venue like Brooklyn Bowl one would imagine that every performer without exception would take advantage of this opportunity; however, Chairlift opted to do otherwise.  Those unfamiliar with the group, probably would’ve appreciated finding out the names of at least some of the songs played, but I guess you stay on the outside if you’re not on the inside  in BK these days.  Despite having a great sound throughout the set, the band’s lack of crowd interaction also left the people largely inattentive and things remained that way until the headliner showed up.
The moment  Jonny Pierce grabbed the mic alongside his band mates the everyone was ready to sing, dance, and party the night away.  Seeing as the group had not performed at Brooklyn Bowl in 3 years, even the unfamiliar knew they were in for a treat.  As they ran through song after song without missing a beat, the reasons why they were headlining for Diet Coke and Spin became quite evident.  The pace of the set was near flawless with the band bringing everything to a close with the most energy of the night by far.
All in all, Diet Coke and SPIN Magazine set up an above average hump day as our summer in the city comes to and end.  On Wednesday, August 22nd, I entered Brooklyn Bowl feeling foreign and unsure of the artists on the lineup, what Diet Coke tastes like, and SPIN’s ability to produce a thorough show.  I left assured that the featured artists should share some space in my iPhone, Diet Coke is drinkable, and that SPIN’s not too shabby on the event production tip.  Mission Accomplished.
Make sure you get familiar and keep it like that by visiting Chairlift, The Drums, Diet Coke, and SPIN Magazine on their respective websites.