LIVE: Case Mate’s Fashion Week Event with Common

Everybody loves a good cell phone case. Personally, I hate when I drop my phone. It is almost as if I can see it fall in slow motion and that “NOOOOOOOOOO” comes out of my mouth. It is sad really because A) I’m an adult. I should take better care of my things; and B) Seriously…If my phone breaks, I’m kind of out of luck on life. Luckily for folks like us who love to “style and fashion” (sometimes..I’m not good at it but hey…don’t judge me), we have good folks like the ones at Case Mate who create something unique for us to not only protect our phones, but look good in the process.

It is Fashion Week in NYC if you haven’t noticed. Everyone is showcasing the latest trends and the streets are buzzing about the “what next” item. For Case Mate, I think they have this new trend in the bag. Now, I know what you are thinking. “What makes their cases any different from others” right? Well, for starters, they are fly. Not only can you get some of the coolest designs they have available, but you can also design your OWN case. Yup. You read correctly. You can go to the Case Mate website and DIY (do-it-yourself). The other reason they are so amazing is that they are pretty affordable and they are durable. So paying a decent price for an excellent quality case? Who doesn’t want that!

I think one of the most awesome qualities about Case Mate is who they have endorsing them. At the Best Buy Theatre located in Times Square, crowds were lined up to see who exactly was going to show up and show out. What better way to market your product than by getting some of the best in business to do it for you. Hosted by Fergie, one of their endorsers along with Selena Gomez, the night started out with amazing music and an eager crowd. Phone cases, celebrities, flowing drinks, and good music are all sure fire ways to get people excited about your product. The night, of course, wasn’t over until Common got on stage and ripped it. Performing a dope set featuring songs such as “Go”, his verse from “Poker Face” with Kid Cudi, “I Used To Love H.E.R.”, “The Light”, and “Universal Mind Control”, Common not only got the crowd hype for good music, but he also served as an excellent marketing tool for the Case Mate brand. During his performance for “Come Close”, which he rocked over Beyonce’s “Party”, he pulled a young lady on stage, sang to her, and gave her a special gift on behalf of the brand. All in all, Case Mate made sure that no one left without knowing who they were and what they offered.

With the way fashion trends are going and how folks are becoming more and more technologically advanced, its nice to know that you can be up to date and trendy at the same time. Case Mate has set out to make that easy for their consumers. After this night in NYC, I believe they are well on their way.