GET TO KNOW…: Corey “Photoleer” Thompson

I remember the first time I met Corey. I was covering an Esperanza Spalding Private Event in NYC and he was to be my plus one. While I’m standing outside and waiting for him, I see this random guy roll up to me on a bike. I’m not quite sure why I laughed or what was so funny about it, but he seemed to be really excited to come to the event. It may have also been the fact that it was in a french theatre and we were one of the few that didn’t know how to speak french. So as we talked before the show, we realized we had so much in common. He’s originally from Brooklyn, moved to D.C. and is now back in NYC. I was borne in Brooklyn, grew up in Maryland, and am now back in NYC.  He’s an avid music head. I am an avid music head. Old school hip-hop is his favorite genre. Old school R&B is my favorite genre (old school is old school *shrug*). He wears what he wants and doesn’t fit into any particular style box. I don’t like to iron so I throw on whatever has the least amount of wrinkles. I mean…talk about friendmates at first sight! Since then, we’ve worked on numerous shows together, and he is actually one of the first photographers for the “Get To Know…” series (You may recognize his work from my interview with Nakia Henry). He’s become one of my “hey..let’s meet up and grab a drink” buddies and is always down for a good laugh and great conversation.

What I like most about Corey is his ability to fit a little bit of himself in everything he shoots. This may be why they call him “Photoleer”. How he expresses himself in his photography is quite amazing. I love how he does his best to capture the very essence of his subject, whether it be a person he is interviewing for his “Breakfast With…” series or a snapshot of his beautiful daughter, or just a even catching a person in deep thought.



So with some good food from Amelia’s Diner in the Greenwich Village section of NYC, Corey and I took the time to chat, drink it up, and just talk about why photography is so important to him and why he consideres himself “a beautiful contradiction”.


Corey “Photoleer” Thompson, to me, is more than just a photographer. He’s a visual artist the captures life one frame at a time. I dig his energy and his work. I’m pretty sure you will too. You can check out his work Photoleer Photography or even follow him on twitter. He’s definitely one you should get to know.  If you are in the Atlanta area on September 14th, Corey’s latest photo exhibit “A Midnight Summer’s Dream” premieres at City of Ink.  Go check it out!

Special thanks to Vickey “Gravity508” Ford of SneakShot Photography for the dope photos of Corey during our chat. Make sure you check out her work as well…Or even see her in a Get To Know…coming soon.

Also, special thanks to Broady of Nocturnal Charm Media for the video edits. Make sure you check him out!