FOOD: Boston’s Pizza – Is It Worth Your Time?

Picco’s sausage, ricotta and red onion pizza

When you think of the pizza capitals in the United States, metro areas like New York City and Chicago are the first places that come to mind. But there is a case to be made here in Boston that pizza can look, smell and taste good miles away from the flashing lights of the Big Apple and the Gotham-esque architecture of Chicago.

Picco, an Italian wine, beer and pizza parlor, located in the South End of Boston, continues to churn out pies that redefine what pizza should taste like. Of course, this may come as a surprise, as Picco is neighborhoods removed from the Hub’s well-known North End block, which is home to some of the city’s best Italian cuisine. You might even balk at the claim of Picco being the best pizza place in the city, with Pizzeria Regina and other establishments often garnering most of the attention.

What makes Picco so great is that it’s not trying so hard to create pies that resemble what is seen in cities like Chicago and New York City. The light, crispy crust won’t weigh you down after a slice, and the toppings are fresh and flavorful. Not to mention, Picco pairs ingredients that many other restaurants wouldn’t dare try – the eatery delivers something guests can’t get anywhere else.

If you’re in the mood for pizza that won’t disappoint, and you’re in the South End, make sure you visit Picco and try the sausage, ricotta and red onion pie. Each pizza is covered with roasted peppers, chopped tomatoes, enough ricotta to add a noticeable texture and flavor touch, and just the right amount of sausage. At $13.75 for a small, personal pie and $23 for a large pizza, Picco is in reach for almost every budget.

Picco’s beer list

While you might visit Picco for its pizza, it’s hard to dispute the attractive beer and wine menu the place has to offer. Picco offers a wide selection of American craft beers, and while its draft list changes constantly, you can always find a great IPA, American Lager or Witbier. Check out the current menu here.

The owners of Picco have also thought through the entire dining experience – a fun night out in the South End with family or friends certainly needs a special way to cap off the night, and what better way to do so than with a dessert pizza pie?

That’s right. You heard me correctly – Dessert Pizza. Along with a lengthy list of ice cream flavors, “adult” ice cream sodas with Belgian Lambic beer and frappes, guests can enjoy the dessert pizza of the day. When I last stopped in, Picco was offering a fig and ricotta pizza with a red wine glaze for $6 – talk about sweet and tart all at once!

Picco’s ice cream and dessert pizza menu

I don’t want you to take my claim that Boston should be in contention as a city with top-notch pizza without any evidence. That’s why I dare you to make time in your schedule to visit the Hub and see for yourself.  Make a pitstop at Picco and then check out the Samuel Adams brewery, and I assure you, the tastes you’ll experience will force you to come back for more.

513 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116