Flying Lotus Preview w/short film- Until the Quiet Comes

The internet has been ablaze the last few days with the recent release of a short film “Until the Quiet Comes” by Khalil Joseph featuring music from Flying Lotus’ highly anticipated new album of the same name.

Directed by Khalil Joseph, the film is an outstanding visual commentary of inner city violence done in a very graphic, yet artistic way.  The film’s actual pace seems to match FlyLo’s music.  I’m still trying to figure out what the water is all about other than related to the pool where the young boy is “gunned down.”  The dance performer does some unbelievable work as well and looks like it may have been filmed and then played in reverse.   You just have to watch it and try to comprehend what you’re seeing.  If only all music videos were like this!  It’s definitely a more abstract film which I beleive goes well with Flying Lotus’ abstract sounds.

The music is beautiful as well, with an intro featuring some amazing strings and acoustic guitar.  Then the rest of the samples are the classic hard hitting bass hits for which “Fly-Lo” is known.  You hear some delicate chimes and percussion to go along with those heavy beats.  To add to Flying Lotus’s beautiful work are some excellent vocals from Erykah Badu and Niki Randa as well.  The three songs are a preview to what should most likely be another stellar effort by the Los Angeles-based beat maker next month.

Flying Lotus’ new album drops October 2nd on Warp Records.  If you want to see him in person there will be a good opportunity around that release date. He’ll be playing a live event in NYC at Terminal 5 on the 7th of October.