FASHION: Women’s Fall 2012 Staple- The Trench Coat

With Labor Day behind us, summer has come to a close and fall fashion is busting it’s way through the door. This fall there are many new colors marking the season such as burgundy and forest green. One of my favorite fall fashion staples is the essential trench coat. Depending on personal style, this outerwear item can be taken off the charts with an edgy avant-guard feel or toned down in a classic taste. With fall weather ranging in all temperatures, this jacket can be worn with a sweater and scarf for the cooler days and a simple t-shirt underneath for warmer days. For my personal trench, I tend to be drawn towards the neutral brown but if color is what fits your fancy, you can get adventurous and try a pop of color. With the trench, there also comes different lengths and materials. There are so many different materials and colors with this fall staple you just can’t go wrong ! The trench coat is a timeless statement piece and one that we recommend spending a little more money on. If you are tight on money, you can always pop into a consignment shop and we are sure you will find one there. After all, with fall being a season for adventure in style once you find the right trench you will know. There is also a great slideshow of all different types that I hope you enjoy! Always remember it’s all about how you rock it!!