FASHION: Fashion’s Night Out 2012 Preview

 We’d just like to firstly address the beginning of the NFL’s 2012 season by wishing all those with a Fantasy Football Team a prosperous season.  Tooootally not fashion related but we like to keep you on your toes. The season officially starts on Wednesday, September 5th with the Dallas Cowboys vs the New York Giants. Then of September 6th Fashion’s Night Out happens.

Fashion’s Night Out in New York City literally turns the city into one big playground for basically anybody whose willing to take part. Those with a taste for the finer things and those who just want to go out, maybe shop maybe not, its a nice environment. You can map your way through the night or go to whatever catches your eye. I also read a piece by a friend, Allison Duck, listing a heap of places to visit for sales, fashion shows, celebrity appearances and the works. Check it out. Couch Sessions is definitely going to be out there working along with enjoying the people! This night always turns into a good time,  borderline riot…flashback to the Kid Cudi concert outside Bape in 2010…… Should be fun!