EVENT: Madison Square Eats is Back!

Oh, hey there, Madison Square Eats, fancy meeting you again!  The Flatiron food fair is back in full-force and I’m planning on making multiple trips while it’s going on.

Composed of about 30 food merchants, Madison Square Eats kind of reminds me of a miniature Smorgasburg – a lot of the same vendors were there, but the area was more manageable (Worth Square, directly across from the Flatiron Building).  I’m really into Smorgasburg, but this just makes so much sense in its location and daily hours, which is probably brightening up a ton of people’s lunch breaks.

Vendors covered a wide range of cuisines and included favorites such as Momofuku Milk Bar, Roberta’s, Asiadog, Calexico, Wooly’s Ice, and much, much more.  I was having the hardest time deciding on what to eat for lunch!  There was limited seating in the venue (it’s a fairly small space) but if you can’t grab a table, why not just walk across the street to Madison Square Park?

For me, the star of Madison Square Eats was clearly Bar SuzetteI’ve raved about them before, but this time they were in an entirely different setting – they seemed to have the largest booth, plus so much more going on than just crepes, which is their only offering at Chelsea Market.  This time, their menu also included items such as organic burgers, oysters, fish and chips, and even gluten-free fish and chips – the minute I saw these I knew immediately that’s what I was ordering.  Not bad, for gluten-free, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen these offered anywhere before, so props to Bar Suzette.

We also tasted an empanada from La Sonrisa Empanadas which were apparently very “vibrant” and some lobster mac & cheese from Red Hook Lobster Pound, which was obviously delicious, because how can the combination of lobster and mac & cheese not be delicious?  We were sold.  We’re coming back again and again before the fair is over.

Open from September 21-October 19, Madison Square Eats runs daily from 11 am-9 pm (so you can grab both lunch and dinner).  Check out all the menus here so you don’t have to run around like a crazy person trying to decide what to eat, like I always do.