EVENT: FOU-DRÉ Vodka Tasting

The recent tasting event for this cleverly-named spirit (foudré is the French word for lightning) brought quite a lovely crowd to the garment district at the end of fashion week in NYC.  Elegant themes graced the décor to match the design of the vodka’s bottle – destined to double as an artistic element to a wet bar after its contents are consumed.

Speaking of which – we first tried the vodka solo, and were impressed by the smoothness, as that is usually a challenge for vodka at 80 proof.  Requiring no mixer, Fou-dré has a sweet, fruit-infused flavor (which fruits and how many seems to be a well-kept secret) that would work well over ice or alone.  This is not what I would call a shooter – although the ice sculpture luge was a fun way to enjoy it.

We then tried a few of the six or seven well-thought-out cocktails.  Our favorites incorporated savory notes like the “Darker the Berry” which had peppercorn, or the “Anti-Oxidant” with basil.  These showcased complexity and a variation on what could be done with this vodka.  The “Fou-dré Sunset” unexpectedly evoked a delicious rum punch without the rum.  This is liquor that plays well with others yet aspires to stand out amongst premium brands.

No less ambitious is Fou-dré’s founder, Chanel Turner, who is the first African-American female to create a vodka.  When I asked her “why vodka?”  She answered, “It’s the number one consumed spirit in the world”.  Her careful curation of Fou-dré may very well allow it to capture that elusive space on the competitive top shelf.

To learn more Fou-dré, check out their website.

Recipe: Fou-Dré Sunset

1 part Fou-dré
1 part Apricot Brandy
¼ part Lime Cordial
¼ part Ginger Syrup
2 parts Mango Nectar

Combine & serve in a tumbler or tall glass