DESIGN: Mission: Impossible Instant Images

Impossible Instant Lab, click to see animation

Out of a former Polaroid plant in Enschede, Holland, the Impossible team started their dream to continue producing instant film with a staff of 10 former Polaroid employees who shared a passion for the format. What would cool kids world wide take pictures with had the Impossible team lacked the vision to continue producing film for the vintage cameras? DSLRs? Smart phones? Instagram? Yes, all of these. But what if, like me, you have over 5,000 pictures on your phone, and like me, your communication device happens to also be your go to camera?

What if you want one of your potential Instagrammy award winning photos printed? Have you dreamt that one day you will be able to have pictures from your phone processed instantly with a nostalgic fanning from a pinched corner of the image? Have we not all had this dream? The geniuses at Impossible have made all of our memory capturing dreams come true. Having grown up in a camera shop that my dad ran in Puerto Rico for many years, I assure you I’m doing everything possible to curb my excitement.

The analog and digital gods have finally made peace, as in old kingdoms through marriage and their offspring. Their baby the Impossible Instant Lab, while not necessarily the most beautiful, it’s smart and will most likely grow up to be successful and pretty as it’s designers further develop it. The Impossible crew currently has a Kickstarter campaign that has surpassed it’s capital raising goal of $250,000 by almost $100,000. A good indicator that you will be seeing them on shelves everywhere some time soon. The first Labs will be distributed in mid February to people who contributed to the kickstarter campaign, and mass production operations are under way. We can’t wait! Until then, Instagram and Photoshop it is.

You can pre-order you Instant Lab through the Kickstarter page here.