DESIGN: City-Size Fun

The Come Out & Play Festival turns your city into a giant sized game-board and playground.  Put down your console and experience real high-res gaming, the real world.  Instead of running down 5th Ave because you are late for work, how much fun would it be to be running down 5th Ave because you are being chased by urban spies who are trying to stop you from delivering top secret documents?  Race a gigantic balloon from one end of the town to the other.  The Escort Quest ties two people together and has them collect objects before cashing out, only one of you is blindfolded.  Obstacles are encouraged.

More than just having fun, the festival is part of a global movement to reclaim public space.  To take back the places we share and give strangers entirely new ways to interact with one another.  Put magic where it has been lost.  Pay attention to these forward-thinking game design companies like Situate and Gigantic Mechanic as they are tackling the real issues of our cities like sustainability, communication and grassroots improvements in a very new way.  While many of the games pay tribute to old-school favorites like hide-n-seek and battleship, there is a definite technological emphasis by employing the use of iphones and sensors.  Outdoor arcade games like Shadowplay make you use your shadow to create different shapes to gain points.  Sensoree challenges you to control your emotions with giant mood rings and try to influence those of your opponents.

Your next opportunity to Come Out & Play will be in the whimsical city of San Francisco and you can help make this dream come true!  They’ve got 4 days to go on Kickstarter with dope prizes like a private survival horror game for you and 30-50 of your friends, so pool that moola with your SF homies and then ask to stay on their couch.