VIDEO: Dark Time Sunshine – Never Cry Wolf feat. Reva DeVito

Last week, Dark Time Sunshine released their sophomore album, ANX. Today, the duo of Onry Ozzborn and Zavala are releasing the debut video from ANX, for the single “Never Cry Wolf”.

The song features singer Reva DeVito, and pulls its inspiration from a previous song that Dark Time Sunshine released called “Shewolf.” “‘Shewolf’ was a warning that women all around the world have a darkside, and at times will play with your emotions if you let them,” explains Onry Ozzborn. “‘Never Cry Wolf’ is about one of those girls, as she comes to the realization that the man she’s spent so long tempting is, in fact, the one for her.” But by then, explains Dark Time Sunshine, it’s too late – the man of her desires is no longer interested.

Check out “Never Cry Wolf” below and you can download ANX  off of iTunes here.