NEW MUSIC: Jinbo – Love Game

by Gregorio Vincent

For the second exclusive from the KRNB mixtape, Jinbo tackles “Game,” by K-Pop’s most recognized pop diva, BoA. Unlike “Damn,” he keeps the tempo drenched with funky sounds of the ‘80s and instead chooses to soften up the edgy kicks and glam synths of the original with something more summer-appropriate. Picture beach volleyballs, rollerblades on the boardwalk, and breakfast with the don of Minneapolis sound, Prince. With Jinbo, the self-proclaimed Superfreak of Korea, paying homage to the exciting tunes of the synthpop and R&B era, anything is possible on this heartfelt record capturing the spark of love.

Check out “Love Game” below and you can download the track for free here.

  • Mr.Janelle Monae

    Hey Gregorio, sorry that this comment is off topic, but I didn’t want to create a Twitter just to inform you on a new artist. Recently I discovered Toronto songtress Rochelle Jordan, who has been featured on quite a few blogs/sites similar to this one. She is an amazing R&B singer that many couchsession readers would probably enjoy checking out. You should listen to her music and see if you want the readers to get familiar with her.

    …………This Love Game song is interesting though.

    • Gregorio Vincent

      Thanks for the suggestion

  • Kenny Laveau

    solid track…good post, this guy got that different sound

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