The product of late-night conversations during Jinbo’s latest trip to Flushing, NY, KRNB (pronounced as “Korean-B,” and occasionally euphemized as “KoReaNB”) is a culmination of Jinbo’s favorite K-Pop records from past and present. It’s a collection of altered and renovated hits, smoothly tucked into a cohesive project full of nostalgia, and innovation—all of which pay homage to the greats (Seo Taiji; Kim Gun-mo; Deux) and acknowledge the current heavyweights (Girls’ Generation; Taeyang; 2NE1).
These aren’t rewrites of verses or two—he re-composed, re-produced, and re-coordinated the every song into a groovy, throwback gem that’ll make any fan to jump for joy.

Checkout KRNB below and you can download it for free here.