LIVE: Trillectro DC – 8 Things We Learned at Trillectro

by shep

Photos: Broady Brown/Nocturnal Charm & Shep

Trillectro has come and gone, and if you live anywhere close to the DMV you either experienced the festival first hand or got really sick of hearing about it from the endless stream of tweets, Instagram pics, Facebook stauses. If you were of the latter, you can thank DC to BC and their incredible marketing team for making you feel as if you missed the resurrection of Michael Jackson or something, because you basically did. In short, Trillectro was that good. Doug E Fresh, Casey Veggies, Flossatradomus, ScHoolboy Q, Tabi Bonney, Body Language, Flatbush Zombies and more all gave great performances.

8 things we learned from Trillectro

1. The DC to BC team truly put on for their city…

Respect Modi’s hustle. Modi and the DC to BC team did an incredible job of promoting, managing and even enjoying the festivities. From the live painting, free tshirts, vendors and even a moonbounce, the festival covered all bases. As friends and strangers gathered at the Half Street Fairgrounds most conversations started with “DC needed this”. You can thank DC to BC for that.

2. You can never have too much food…

While I have no problems praising the DC to BC team, everyone can benefit from a bit of constructive criticism.  If you’re going to feed a crowd of 4,000+ you need more than 3 food options. If I were to levy one complaint, it would be the lack of options in terms of food. At times line stretched out to 40-50 people long. But with that said, Top Dog was certainly worth the wait. Next year, more food trucks means less waiting and more entertainment.

3. Phony ppl are a dope group…

We know Phony Ppl are dope. We’ve reviewed them before but seeing the collective live was a special treat. Is it too early for Native Tongue comparisons? That’s the kind of vibe this band gives off and as long as they continue to bring that type of authenticity to their music, they will be performing for many years to come.

4. Ratchet behavior…

I really hate the recent over usage of the word “ratchet’ but when it comes to explaining what took place in the photography pit and the front rows of this show during DJ Money’s set, ‘ratchet’ is the first and ONLY thing that comes to mind. Clothing was removed, weed was lit, sweat dripped and water was thrown everywhere while a large mass of intoxicated 20 somethings danced (read: dry humped) to infectious summer anthems like “Bands Make Her Dance” and “No Lie.” Regretfully, I’ve never been to a Rock Creek Social Party but I imagine it was much like what I experienced in the photography pit on Saturday. At one point, a security guard — whose job was to keep concertgoers out of the photography pit, was caught “dancing” with a concertgoer….ratchet.

5. What a difference a year has made for ScHoolBoy Q…

Ironically enough, the last time Q performed in DC he was brought by the DC to BC team alongside Kendrick Lamar. This time Schoolboy wasn’t playing hypeman for Kendrick. And this time he wasn’t forgetting his lyrics and wasn’t too wasted to perform. Last year at the 9:30 club, Q was practically unknown. In a years time, Q has emerged as a star on his own, whose charisma, humor and energy was gobbled up by a crowd that knew his latest material word for word.  ScHoolboy’s stock is rising and Trillectro was proof of that.

6. Oddisee’s live show is art…

Oddisee is DC’s best kept secret. The versatility and creativity that this man displays is ridiculous. As he informed the crowd, all samples on his latest project People Hear What They Can See, were replayed by a live band in the studio in an effort to maintain the authenticity of the record. Hearing these samples replayed live was even more incredible. Oddisee, accompanied by Olivier Day Soul and band, played a short set covering both new and old material. Seeing him at Trillectro made me regret not attending his show a few weeks back at the Montserrat House . If you get the opportunity to see Oddisee live…take it.

7. VIP isn’t always the best option…

While I will admit that access to free drinks is very enticing and the “Who’s who” of the DC social scene that partied in the VIP section certainly took advantage of that, it was clear to many that the real party occurred far from VIP. At a show like this, the best time was had by those that “took off their cool”, guzzled their drink and enjoyed the music as close to the stage as possible.

8. Body Language is a dope group too…

To put it simply, Body Language is funky. The hip hop acts drew the bigger crowds but those that stuck around to watch Body Language were certainly treated to a great performance.  The quartet from Brooklyn–think Little Dragon meets MGMT meets whatever–performed material from their latest, Social Studies. They are the perfect blend of electronic, pop, soul and funk. If they don’t make you dance then I don’t know what will.


  • Nocturnal Charm

    Spot on review..

  • modi.

    awesome. thanks for the honest feedback! now we gotta make this joint better next year.

  • Metal Lungies

    Schoolboy opened for A$AP in the spring at 930.

  • awthentik

    yeah this ish was live!

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