LIVE: The Stepkids, The Soho House, NYC

I think that gives five times in the past year and the Soho House and you’re my FB their best yet. Okay is unfair the sauce is a very limited capacity and I was sitting on the couch in the front row it’s almost like this that kids playing in our living room. But let’s not get it twisted, the Soho House isn’t your typical music venue. The dining parlor is filled people who runs on the most creative companies in the world and they also might be writing your favorite celebrity a check or two. To win over Soho House takes a lot of guts of the step kids did just that.

Bringing in their life show that you reserved for larger venues into the smaller space was a shrewd idea, as it may their holes that pop not only visually but aurally as well. Running through a setlist from there current album (as well as a few new tunes), the band was one of the first that I’ve seen at Soho to get the crowd hype. Honestly, I don’t know what it was about there set–maybe there was something in the water–but they became the most talked about band in the Meatpacking last week, hands down.

There was so much energy and adrenaline running through my veins after the show that I didn’t get to bed until 3:30 AM. And that is a rarity for me.

Seeing this band win over a room of industry professionals will bode well for the group as they open for Kimbra (another Couch Sessions favorite) this Fall. Things are most certainly looking up for the band from Connecticut.