LIVE: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Launch Party, NYC

Let’s face it, the PC is a dying medium. Global tablet sales are set to surpass PC sales in little over a year. However, the tablet market is dominated by Apple’s iPad, and Android tablet sales are a tiny blip on the radar in comparison.

With Samsung dominating Apple on the mobile phone front (Samsung Galaxy SIII sales are dominating iPhone sales right now), the Korean company now has its eyes set on the iPad. Their original Galaxy Tab was rather lackluster, so the company seeks to reboot the brand with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

With a splashy launch party that basically took over New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center, it’s obvious that Samsung is gunning hard to get it’s product in the mainstream. With such celebrities as Tracey Morgan, Swizz Beatz, director Baz Luhrmann, and fashion designer Zac Posen. Thanks to the copious amount of open bar, the party atmosphere was evident from the jump.

The media event took the user through 4 separate “zones” that demonstrated the ability to play multimedia, to create, and utilize services such as Barnes and Noble nook and textbooks. So after a few drinks I got my hands on a Galaxy Note to play with. My impressions…Samsung has a bit of catching up to do if it wants to beat the iPad, but it’s a great start.

First off, the styling. This tablet looks good. Not as cool as an iPad per se, but better than a majority of the bulky black box Android tablets on the market. People are knocking the design, but the tablet feels good on the hands and honestly seems better to hold onto than an iPad.Samsung is pushing this stylus thing really hard. Despite the fact that the pen went out with the Palm pPilot back in the day, the company feels that this will give it the edge over the iPad.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is being positioned as a creation device rather than a consumption device. Their S Note app is pretty groundbreaking and allows you to grab “notes” from web pages and video on the fly. So for example, if you are a fashion designer and come across something you like on Refinery 29, you can circle it and drag it to the notepad and create some notes around it. The best feature, is the fact that you can write a note and the tablet will automatically convert it to text. Time will tell exactly how useful this will be, but you have to give them points for trying.

Back to the party. The Swedish Band Icona Pop took the stage after a few hours of open bar drinking, whaling their soon to be hit “I Don’t Care.” Trust me, these ladies are going to be big, and this track will be used in every commercial and promotion known to man. Following their performance was Swizz Beatz, going through his typical producer routine (“You know this hit track? Yeah I Produced it!”). Jokes, aside, people love this dude and the crowded dance floor was packed out for his performance.I’m mad that Tracey Morgan, who was decked out in a early 90s looking American flag tracksuit, did not take the stage.

I’m sure Samsung didn’t have enough liability insurance in case some ish went down.The money spent on this launch event is evident that Samsung has a lot of faith in the Galaxy Note 10.1. If people flock to this thing like they’re doing for the Galaxy SIII then they might have a winner on their hands.