LIVE: Summer Soul Sessions (July Edition), Paperbox, Brooklyn

If you were at our last Summer Soul Sessions then you know that Couch Sessions throws a good time. This month was no exception, as we brought DJ Danika, Cream Dream, So Super Sam, and Orlando’s XXYYXX into the mix.

Sure the rain put a damper on things the beginning, but the rain or shine part. The indoor section of paper box was a fitting accompaniment to Marcel’s (aka XXYYXX)’s dark and spooky tones. The 17-year-old went through several tracks from his latest project and it was a preview of what his European tour will sound like. In many ways, it’s hard to understand this dude greatness. As he selected beats off his MPC and twist the knobs on his mixer, it for you is hard to believe that this kid is still not able to vote.

The kid has over 1 million views on YouTube, so naturally he has a Fanbase, traveled as far away from Buffalo to be in attendance. Not a bad look, and I see great things for this dude in the future.


I also see great things for the 19-year-old producer out of Brooklyn, Cream Dream. His blend of house, electro, and disco really brought the crowd into it, and there were several double takes done in the audience that day. Yes, a dude who was not even born during the house or disco eras is playing the hell out of both styles. The dude is a skilled DJ and producer, and it shows.

As always, our DJs did the damn thing. DJ Danika opened up, So Super Sam KILLED IT, and Run P finished off the night outside.

What else can I say, the Summer Soul Sessions is shaping up to be one of the best parties in NYC. And it continues this month at the Paper Box, August 18th!