LIVE: Summer Soul Sessions, August Edition

Photos by Vickey Ford, Celso White, and Gregorio Vincent

Not gonna lie, we’re kinda sad.

Last week marked the absolute last Summer Soul Sessions of the year. It’s all good tho, because we went out on top. We had not one, but 4 DJs and brought the incredibile stylings of Ryan Notes and Bianca Raquel. And we gave away a laptop computer!

Ryan Notes got the crowd going, with his mix of silky R&B and hip-hop. And Bianca Raquel simply did her thing, playing her soulful R&B to a very appreciative crowd. And after the live music, the DJs had their turn, with Cousin Cole and Run P playing with some er… “ratchet” behavior going down outside in the late night.

We have to shout out all of our fans and supporters for coming through all season for Summer Soul Sessions. Special shout outs go to the people who traveled from as far away as Boston, Connecticut, DC, and Buffalo New York.