INTERVIEW: Couch Sessions x Label 55 x Crown Royal Black talks Misha T

Painter, illustrator and some times educator, Ukranian American artist Misha T creates thought provoking work. Whether you interpret the pieces the way he intended is not as important to Misha as walking away with something, maybe even an original perspective. Unless you are completely unaware of current events, pop culture, or the environment, which are among the topics covered, you will think, and possibly respond after looking at his work.

His painting Mourning recently caused some controversy when some online critics questioned his timing for releasing the painting, which features Obama having a drink and a smoke with Batman. Insensitive of Misha in light of the recent shooting in Colorado? Maybe if it wasn’t created in 2011 after the President commanded the capture of and killed public enemy #1, Osama Bin Laden. It probably depicts two ‘super heroes’ politicking after a long day’s work, getting the bad guys, and not two characters lamenting the darkness that man is capable of. Art among many other things should incite discussions about what’s happening around us, and if it’s worth something, a year later continue to spark conversation as this piece did.


Couch Sessions, Label 55 and Crown Royal Black met up with Misha T at Paperbox NYC in Brooklyn to talk about his work and where it comes from. After the sitdown, we visited his residence and studio where he broke down some individual pieces and the symbolism behind them over some CR Black.

The Couch Sessions + Label 55 + Crown Royal: Interview With Misha T from guy on Vimeo.

The talks with Misha T preceded his opening Field of Dreams at Gallery Bar, where thanks to an open bar by Crown Royal Black and the sounds of DJ CEO, the crowd got a chance to look at a broad range of Misha’s work in a chill atmosphere.

Label 55 Social Club: Misha T Gallery Bar Recap from guy on Vimeo.