FOOD: Murray’s Cheese Bar, NYC

Murray’s Cheese has long been established as a staple of the New York City cheese scene.  They’ve got a beautiful shop, cheese classes, tastings, and more…and now they have opened something that seems so obvious they should have always had – Murray’s Cheese Bar!  Being an avid cheese lover, I had to go check this out immediately.

Fresh off last week’s opening, we decided to swing by for classy starters of cheese and charcuterie before heading off to the rest of our night.  We started off with a small plate of lemony mixed olives and of course, drinks – a super tangy Spanish cider and a Green Flash Brewing Co. West Coast IPA.  We sat at the bar, which was super fun – you can watch the cheesemongers choose and slice your cheeses and meats, and the quirky blackboards give you an overview of cheese facts so interesting that I’m considering taking one of their cheese classes.  Or becoming a cheesemonger.

The waiter hands you an extensive list of different cheeses, divided by category.  You can choose the type of cheeses you would like, or you can opt to have a flight – a mixture of of delicacies ranging from three to five various cheeses and/or meats.  We chose to get a plate of three cheeses and two meats, which was $20.  Cheese plates range from about $12-$20.  You can select the specific ones you want, if you’d like, or you can be adventurous (like we were) and let the cheesemonger choose (but we let her know we wanted to stay away from the funkier, more pungent cheeses).

It was one of those situations where I couldn’t tell you exactly what types of cheeses and meats we had, but they were so grate (get it?!) it didn’t even matter.  I am pretty sure they came under the “soft-ripened” and “semi-firm/firm” categories.  Your treats get served on pretty stone slabs, and they throw in some extras such as bread, crackers, a horseradish sauce, some sort of relish, and some sort of tapenade.

Also available are various cheese-centered meals such as mac & cheese, baked cheese, fried cheese, the list goes on… and they also have a “greenmarket” section that is more vegetable based if you’re having cheese overload.  They’ve got dessert too!

At the moment, Murray’s Cheese Bar is only open for dinner (5 pm-1 am), however I wouldn’t be surprised if breakfast and lunch were added soon…I’m thinking three-cheese omelettes?  The place isn’t even a week old, and judging from the popularity of Murray’s Cheese (and the bustling restaurant), I’m thinking this Cheese Bar can only grow.  Tip: bring a date here, nothing screams romance to me more than sitting around eating cheese.  Trust me, don’t brie-ze past this one (sorry, okay, I’m done now).

Murray’s Cheese Bar
264 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014