FASHION: Oliberté Shows Us Global Style

The Oliberté story is one to be very proud speaking of. The footwear brand was created in 2009 by Tal Dehtiar for all positive intentions. Tal Dehtiar worked with non- profit organizations and had seen the potential building a socially conscious fashion forward brand. He started the footwear brand to provide manufacturing jobs for the increasing lower middle class of Africa. With that being said every Oliberte design is inspired by African culture; showing ruggedness and excellent craftsmanship.

Currently all of Oliberte shoes are made with leather from Ethiopia, rubber from Ethiopia/Liberia, and manufactured in Ethiopia. The styles seem simple yet extremely detailed and one can be sure that every stitch was payed close attention to. The leather is of such great quality that after wearing and breaking in the shoe, it only looks better! Oliberte has made sure to keep it real with the Ethopian community they work with. The animals that eventually become the leather in their shoes first function as livestock, making for milk, transportation, babies, and more in the Ethiopian community. Oliberte has made sure the use and processing of the leather does not affect the local farming lifestyles and tanneries as much as possible.



[TOP: Addis Ababa local showing off his pair for an Oliberte photoshoot by a fruit stand. LEFT: Smiling and Beautiful Abebech, works at partner factory Tikur Abbay in Addis Ababa.]




Oliberte shows that there is no reason quality design should be given up when creating a global product. In fact, Oliberte challenges all other brands with being more socially conscious by creating jobs AND creating great product. Check out the Oliberte website and be on the lookout for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection here on the Style Section.