FASHION: Fall Jacket Styles 2012

While I was home in NYC for the amazing Vol. 2 of the Summer Soul Sessions (which if you missed it, don’t worry Volume 3 will be going down August 18th!) and got to kick it with my moms for a little. After talking for 20 minutes over some pancakes and bacon the topic of getting a fresh fall jacket came up. She went ahead and showed me her Lee denim jacket from her teenage days (shown above) and had a flashback from when her people used to call her “Dizzy Love”.

This fall you will distinguish yourselves from others by either getting a custom made jacket or taking some extra time and creating your own bespoke fall pieces. Either way the fall jacket is an essential piece so read more for some inspiration to added diversity to your wardrobe this fall.

Dr. Romanelli Unite Strike Jacket

CLAW$ Collection Jacket

Heritage x Junkyard Jeans Varsity Jacket